Our production facilities

Our production facilities ladybug
By integrating different technologies, we create unique, interesting products!
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Textile production facility
At our textile production facility, we sew unique busyboards with different fasteners. We use durable, easy-to-wash fabrics that keep their shape. We use only the best fittings and safe, colourful plastics for our fasteners.

All our materials have undergone testing in independent European laboratories. Our production process guarantees quality sewing. All details are securely attached to the busyboard.

We check every busyboard before it is packaged and lovingly sent to its new home.
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Magnet, puzzle and game production facility
Our production specialists are experts in manufacturing printed products. Our technologists are continuously in search of a new, exclusive technology in order to bring to life our developers’ most innovative ideas.

Our equipment allows us to manufacture products on a quick turnaround while maintaining our high quality standards. Some of our equipment was developed by engineers and manufactured specially to create the technology used in our production process.

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Wooden toy production facility
This is the newest branch of our manufacturing system. We’ve learned so much already: creating the design of future toys using specialised programmes, manufacturing, processing, and sanding wooden components.

Our products are made from beech and linden wood. Beech wood and linden wood are excellent material for woodwork. These two types of wood can be turned into beautiful toys and blocks.

We use high-quality, safe paints produced in Germany to paint the parts of our toys.

Integrating several different technologies allows us to use diverse materials, such as textiles, wood, and cardboard. Our cardboard games are supplemented by wooden elements. We sew cloth accessories to our wooden products, and our wooden and cloth toys are packaged in attractive cardboard boxes. This approach makes our games and toys unique and competitive on the market.