About the product

About the product

Principles of product creation

2.Ease of manufacture

Why are our games unique?


Every game is created by a team of professionals who are inspired by a love for what they do.

Integrated technology

By combining different materials and our own technology, we create interesting, unique products.

Modern Global Art

We work with artists from all around the world. Every game is designed with current trends in mind.

We create games with heart

We invent game concepts with children’s interests and current trends in mind.

We pay attention to visual details. Every line, shade, and colour is important to us.

Each character we create has their own, unique personality that they express through feelings, facial expressions, and other attributes.

We innovate, exploring new technological designs and combining them with diverse materials. 

Step by step


First of all, our marketing experts study the market. Our developers create the basic principles of the game and make a model.


The team of artists work on creating each character’s unique personality. Our designers turn the sketches into a digital version of the product and develop the packaging design.


Our technologists, together with the manufacturing department, select high-quality materials and create the finished product. After this, the game is sent to stores so it will one day make its way into a child’s hands. 

Roter Käfer Factory: Technology is the basis of our business

Magnet manufacturing

Wood manufacturing

Textile manufacturing

Integrating different technologies allows us to use diverse materials, like textiles, wood, and cardboard. Our cardboard games are supplemented by wooden elements. We attach cloth accessories to our wooden products, and our wooden and cloth toys are packaged in attractive cardboard boxes. Our approach helps us make games that are unique and competitive on the market.

Learn more about our production

We uphold high standards in everything we do.

We ensure comfortable and safe working conditions for all of our company’s employees. In 2019, we successfully passed the amfori BSCI compliance audit.

We care for the environment. We have implemented systems that use resources effectively.

Our products are tested in European laboratories. We ensure quality at every stage of production, from testing materials to sending the finished product to the warehouse, in accordance with industry and our company’s in-house standards.